Our Center’s staff


Members of the Dean Rusk International Law Center team celebrate the 2015 holiday season with a statue of the Center’s namesake, Dean Rusk. Seated, from left, Kathleen A. Doty and Elena Williams; standing, from left, Deborah Nogueira-Yates, Pedro Dorado, Martica Marín, Diane Marie Amann, Laura Tate Kagel, Taryn Arbeiter, Jennifer Cross, and Chanel Chauvet


Essential to the work of the Dean Rusk International Law Center is its amazing staff, whose extensive background in global affairs brings to the Center language skills not only in English, but also in Arabic, French, German, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Mongolian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Led by Associate Dean Diane Marie Amann, the Center’s permanent team includes:

Laura Tate Kagel, Director of International Professional Education, who manages our Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree and oversees the Center’s training of foreign judges and practitioners, and serves as an affiliate of the University of Georgia Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute.

Kathleen A. Doty, Director of Global Practice Preparation, whose portfolio includes administration of Georgia Law’s Global Governance Summer School in Leuven, Belgium, its Global Externships, and other academic and research initiatives.

Elena Williams, Executive Administrator, whose duties include management of the center’s budget, finances and overall operations, as well as administrative support and supervision of administrative staff.

Martica Marín, Administrative Assistant, who provides secretarial, clerical and other administrative support to all members of the Center’s staff.

Joining these permanent members are student staffers:

► Pedro Dorado, our Dean Rusk International Law Center Fellow, an Argentinian lawyer who earned his LL.M. from Georgia Law in 2015 and is now a member of the J.D. Class of 2018

► Student Ambassadors Taryn Arbeiter, Chanel Chauvet, Jennifer Cross, Ruibo Dong, Olga Gambini, Danielle Glover, Maria Kachniarz, Deborah Nogueira-Yates, Alyssa Pickett, Bo Uuganbayar, María-Ximena Vásquez, Sarah Willis, and Xiao Zhang