A world of issues addressed in new edition of Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law

IMG_1031Four more than 4 decades, important articles on international, transnational, and comparative law and policy have found a publication home at Georgia law’s Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 43 Issue 2, the latest edition of GJICL, has just been released and is available online.

The volume begins with three articles, by five scholars from Asia, Europe, and South America:


Declarations of Unconstitutionality in India and the U.K.: Comparing the Space for Political Response, by Chintan Chandrachud (left), candidate for Ph.D. in Law, University of Cambridge, England

faureIndustrial Accidents, Natural Disasters and “Act of God”, by: Professor Michael Faure (right), Professor of Comparative & International Environmental Law at Maastricht University’s Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research and Professor of Comparative Private Law & Economics at the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics, Erasmus liuSchool of Law, both in the Netherlands; Dr. Liu Jing (left), postdoctoral researcher in Research Institute of Environmental Law, School of Law, Center of Cooperative Innovation for Judicial Civilization, Wuhan University, China, and Behavioral Approach of Contract & Tort at Erasmus andriUniversity Rotterdam; and Dr. Andri Wibisana (right), Lecturer at the Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta

oynPublic Law Litigation in the U.S. and in Argentina: Lessons From A Comparative Study, by Professor Martín Oyhanarte (left), Professor of Law at Universidad Austral and Universidad del Salvador  in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Three Notes, by alums who received their Georgia Law J.D.s in 2015, also appear in the volume:

broussardA House Divided: The Human Rights Burden of Britain’s Family Migration Financial Requirements, by Courtney L. Broussard (right), Staff Attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

jangMental Capacity: Reevaluating the Standards, by Eulen E. Jang (left), PSJD Fellow, National Association for Law Placement, Washington, D.C.

jarrellsHistory, TRIPS, and Common Sense: Curbing the Counterfeit Drug Market in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Hannah Elizabeth Jarrells (right), Associate Attorney at the Atlanta law firm of Ferrer Poirot Wansbrough Feller Daniel & Abney

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