Our newest Masters of Laws

Saturday was the University of Georgia School of Law commencement, and we were very pleased to welcome to our community of nearly 500 LLM graduates the 15 talented lawyers pictured below. Congratulations to our newest Masters of Laws!


Our LLM Class of 2016 posed on Graduation Day for a photo with Laura Tate Kagel, our Center’s Director of International Professional Education (bottom right). From left, the new alums are: top, Elisha Atulomah, Miguel David Medina Cordoba, Mahemud Tekuya, and Fazle Rabbi Chisty; middle, Huajin Tang, Kun Wang, Simon Wolffram, Xiao Zhang, and Deborah Nogueira-Yates; bottom, Ekaterina Knapik, Gladys Ashiru, Nastasja Spee, Socorro Moctezuma Flores, Tingting Tang , and Oluwakemi Kusemiju.

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