MJ Durkee, Georgia Law Associate Dean and our Center’s Director, presents forthcoming article at William & Mary Law School International Law Workshop

Melissa J. “MJ” Durkee, who is Associate Dean for International Programs, Director of the Dean Rusk International Law Center, and Allen Post Professor here at Georgia Law, took part as both a presenter and a commentator at the daylong International Law Workshop sponsored online Saturday by William & Mary Law School.

Durkee presented “The Pledging World Order,” an article forthcoming in the Yale Journal of International Law.

She also commented on a paper entitled “The Powers of Judgment: Hannah Arendt’s Moral and Legal Thought,” by David Luban, University Professor and Professor of Law and Philosophy at Georgetown Law.

Commenting on Durkee’s paper was William & Mary Law Professor Evan Criddle. Along with another William & Mary Law Professor, Nancy Combs, Criddle hosted the workshop, which featured scholars from several law faculties in the United States and in The Netherlands.

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