Georgia Law Professor Bruner comments on Princeton symposium in Bermuda’s daily newspaper

Christopher Bruner, the Stembler Family Distinguished Professor in Business Law here at the University of Georgia School of Law, was quoted earlier this month in The Royal Gazette, a daily newspaper based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The article reported on participation by Bruner and others in Princeton University’s Law, Identity, and Economic Development in the Post-Colonial Era symposium held during April. (prior post)

Entitled “Bermudians join discussions on regional economic development,” the article cited Bruner’s 2016 Oxford University Press book, Re-Imagining Offshore Finance: Market Dominant Small Jurisdictions in a Globalising Financial World. It then reported Bruner’s comments respecting the significance of issues that the Princeton conference explored:

“Small jurisdictions around the world – including in the Northern Atlantic and Caribbean regions – are at the front lines of a range of global environmental and economic challenges.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that we explore sustainable economic development models available to small jurisdictions, as well as the lessons that all jurisdictions can learn from their experiences.”

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