Old Europe and new transnational challenges in latest Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law

gjicl44_1Issues circling the globe are featured in  Volume 44 Issue 1 of the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, or GJICL, just published and available online.

The volume begins with two articles, by scholars with ties to France, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the United States:

kingNew Judicial Review in Old Europe, by Alyssa S. King (right)

bermanHuman Rights Law and Racial Hate Speech Regulation in Australia: Reform and Replace?, by Dr. Alan Berman (left)

Four notes, by alums who received their Georgia Law J.D.s in 2016, also appear in the volume:

carrollThe TBT Agreement’s Failure To Solve U.S.–COOL, an analysis of a World Trade Organization dispute respecting country-of-original labeling, by Elinore R. Carroll (right)

domineyEbola, Experimental Medicine, Economics, and Ethics: An Evaluation of International Disease Outbreak Law, by Sara Louise Dominey (left)

singletonBalancing a Right to Be Forgotten with a Right to Freedom of Expression in the Wake of Google Spain v. AEPD, by Shaniqua Singleton (right)

► Regulating Lolicon: Toward Japanese Compliance with Its International Legal Obligations to Ban Virtual Child Pornography, by Cory Lyn Takeuchi

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