Late addition to Georgia Law’s Space Law Speaker Series: Cris van Eijk on “Space Law’s Past and Future,” tomorrow

Pleased to announce a late addition to the Space Law Speaker Series we’ve been hosting this semester here at the University of Georgia School of Law Dean Rusk International Law Center: Cris van Eijk, International Legal Researcher and Legal Advisor for Jus Ad Astra, will present at 12 noon this Friday, February 10, in Room J-347 Hirsch Hall.

Jus Ad Astra – a Latinism for “law (or rights) to the stars” – is, according to its website, “a legal project aimed at developing an authoritative international treatise clarifying the fundamental legal principles and human rights applicable to current and future human activities across outer space.”

In addition to advising for Jus Ad Astra, van Eijk is the author of thought-provoking publications on space law. He holds degrees from University of Cambridge, where he was a Senior Associate Editor for the Cambridge University Human Rights Law Journal, and Leiden University.

His presentation Friday substitutes for a scheduled speaker who was unable to take part. It will mark the third of four presentations in the Space Law Speaker Series, which, as detailed here, is part of a Spring Semester course led by our Center’s Director, Professor Melissa J. “MJ” Durkee, who is also Georgia Law’s Associate Dean for International Programs and Allen Post Professor.

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